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@Arbys needs to remove the and just show bacon because they don’t have their ham products anymore!
@speedo Sometimes packaging makes a momma super frustrated. Other times, the packaging is done right. #thankyou #speedo #pleaseteachothers
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Mind blown! We should catch up!
Love the backdrop they used to show strength and resilience! @POTUS #masonry #cmu #strength #resilience
Civil Engineering at Gonzaga University is leading the way in sustainable, impactful, education of CEs! Check out their new video:
So blessed to work for such an amazing company! @IntegrusArch @CCSpokAthletics
This girl has successfully picked the last 7 Super Bowls! I still can't believe it. #crazy #patriotswin #SB51
Love finding little glitches... Double clicking home on iPhone 6s gives this picture @NianticLabs #PokemonGO
Man, mind blown by new stair upcoming in next few releases. #RTCNA Also, awesome quote Norman Foster below.
Listening to Jim Balding's welcome address! #RTCNA
@Seahawks @nfl Interesting to see that the Seahawks are ranked first in Least Penalized Defense in the league.
Really? This is what a NFL quarterback does after a play? #MNF #JohnnyManziel #MiddleFinger
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@wsdot The copyright information overwrites portions of every sector...